We are stockists of Autentico Paint in London, a great chalk based paint for furniture, walls and outdoor. We stock a wide range of colours, from our favorite neutrals & greys to the seasonal trendsIf you are looking for a particular colour, please contact us. If we don't have it in stock we will be able to order it for you. 


We use the fabulous Autentico Chalk paint for its quality. It is easy to use and there is no need for extensive priming, stripping, sanding or using chemicals. You can also obtain amazing finishes in a very creative way. Autentico Vintage chalk based paint was especially developed using old recipes and only natural ingredients and does not include any harmful additives, which makes it great for children's furniture.


Learn how to use Autentico Chalk paint, enroll in one of our furniture painting classes. If you have something to paint but don't want the hassle, bring it to us! and we will do it for you. 


If you are looking to buy unique upcycled pieces of furniture or would like us to paint a piece for you, please contact us. 


Our shop opening times are Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 17.30.
If you would like to ask us any questions or get some advice, please contact us for an informal appointment.



Especially developed for furniture painting using classic recipes and only natural ingredients, Autentico’s Vintage Furniture Chalk Paints will stick to almost any surface with fantastic results. Requiring no mixing, stripping down or sanding, these chalk paints will compliment anyone’s creative side as well as the need to create high quality distressed furniture.

Containing a rich palette of over 160 hand-picked colours, from pure white to warm sand, from the blues to the greens, from Italian to earth tones, the amount of colour schemes one can use Autentico Vintage Furniture Chalk Paints is nearly endless!

We stock a wide range of testers and 1L paints, but if we don't have the colour you are after we can order it for you (please allow 7 days for delivery, all 2.5L paints are mixed to order). 


Autentico Velvet Wall Paint is a great choice if you want to give a surface the smooth, textured look or chalk paint to your walls. It is suitable for areas that usually suffer a lot of scuffle (such as table tops, cupboard doors or corners), it provides a hard-wearing finish, particularly when topped off with Autentico’s Sealer or one of their waxes.

Intended for large areas and usable with any brush, roller or good quality sprayer, Autentico Velvet Wall Paint is available in the same colour range as Autentico Vintage paints, and like all their chalk paints it’s VOC low and free of harmful additives. 

Please allow 7 days for delivery for Velvet 1L & 2.5L paints.. 


Developed using real chalk, Autentico Versante Superior Eggshell Chalk Paint is a durable, water-resistant choice for both interior and exterior surfaces. Highly suitable for damp areas and painting outdoors, the Egghsell paint is a fine choice if you’re painting garden or bathroom furniture, and once applied it requires no finishing using a wax or sealer.

Delivering the shiniest coat of all Autentico chalk paints, and available in the full palette of 140 colours. Perfect for hard wearing and wipe-able surfaces, Autentico Versante Superior Eggshell Chalk Paint is a true decorator’s choice, offering real chalk and other natural binders alongside the latest and greatest in paint making techniques. 

Please allow 7 days for delivery for Eggshell 1L & 2.5L paints. 


This revolutionary exterior paint will add a beautiful appearance to your surfaces and keep them protected and looking their best for years to come.  

Water repellent and hard wearing with self-cleaning capacities, Autentico uses a combination of unique properties to create a stunning paint that will ensure your walls retain their characteristic appearance and receive a long-lasting barrier against all weather extremes.

Please allow 7 days for delivery for Eggshell 1L & 2.5L paints. 


Autentico Venice  is a pure lime paint to turn your wall in a piece of art or to paint furniture with simply stunning results. Using almost all hand picked colours as for Autentico Vintage® this lime paint is really something special. 

Lime paint needs a mineral subsurface for full functionality. So on existing mineral surfaces like unpainted plaster, bricks and concrete, lime paint can be applied without the need to prime. If you are in doubt, do apply a primer coat first. On furniture always apply a primer coat first. 

On walls Autentico Venice needs to be applied with a long haired wide lime brush. This helps to achieve the typical lime paint finish. On furniture you want to use a normal but long haired brush.

Please allow 7 days for delivery for Eggshell 1L & 2.5L paints. 


These mediums and finishes create professional-level final products. The choice of Autentico finishes allow you to create a number of accompanying finishes to your furniture or walls. From Decopage, to stenciled textures and medium transfer, the possibilities are endless!

If you need some guidance or would like to explore all the finishes you could achieve, please join one of our Decorative techniques classes



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